T8 Lighting


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I bought a 29Gal tank to try my hand at keeping clownfish.

I purchased a "loss leader" tank at the LFS from Ocean Systems. The hood is an "all in one" filter and lighting system.

The lighting system is just a couple of Natural Daylight, 24", T8 bulbs. I've replaced one of these bulbs with a 420 Actinic bulb for better color.

I am not interested in keeping corals at this time. However, I am interested in a mushroom or two.
Will this lighting setup support mushrooms?

Would this lighting setup be considered "Low Lighting" or "Moderate Lighting"?


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i have a marineland 29g all in one i have leather coral and some pulsing xenias all doing fine they are about midway in the tank


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Did you change the bulbs in your lighting system or are you still using the Marineland bulbs that came with it?