Tail Fin Damage to the Royal


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I recently have put into my 29 gal. reef tank a royal gramma. I have a clown and a 6 line that live in complete harmony with eachother, but with the recent addition both have been chasing and nipping at the royal gramma from time to time. Because of this the gramma has expierenced what I would note as mild tail fin damage. He is eating fine and seems to have a great attitude and is enjoying a nice cubby hole in the live rock from time to time. I am wondering if this is something to worry about or is it something that just happens when new tenants are added to an aqarium for the first bit of time.



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In a 29g... yes you should worry. That small of a tank its almost impossible for the royal gramma to find a place to hang out and call its own. The other two fish cant really go anywhere without seeing the royal gramma.

So if this continues your clown and 6line could end up stressing the royal out to much and end up killing it.

Good news........ you can fix this!
Get a small plastic reptile cage (at petco or something like that). Its small and has slits and holes all over it so it's "breathable". Or get a hang-on specimen container, just make sure to cover it and drill holes in it.

Find out if the clown or 6line is the one doing all the damage, my guess is the 6line. Put the bully in the container for at least 2 days... 4 max. Let the royal gramma swim freely in the tank.

This will allow the royal gramma to get use to the tank. And your forcing the bully to see the gramma in the tank and not be able to do anything. This will kinda force the bully to get use to the gramma in the tank.
Update us after this is done
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6 Line Wrasses are a menace! I've had one kill 3 Grammas, only after the third one die did I find out that they were dying because of him.