Tainted food -- Immediate shaking, bloating, loss of tail movement, trouble swimming


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Sometimes when things go wrong it's not even your fault.

My melanurus within 10 minutes of eating. Yesterday my scarlet flasher also hid all day after eating. I saw him walking on the sand with his pectoral fins later that evening.

I've since turned off one powerhead and set the other to the minimum setting, as the melanurus kept trying to swim and was getting sucked towards the ph's. Neither of them can use their tails at all, its like they're paralyzed.

The firefish didn't eat any, she's completely fine, along with my sand sifting only Hectors goby.

The food was V20 Krill Pacifica -- They're an extremely reputable brand and nobody has ever heard of something like this happening. The CEO has been talking with me, and asked me to save the food so he can run tests on it. Even now, when opening the jar it smells sooo fresh and quality... I don't believe it's spoiled.

Also don't mind the GHA, I got it on a frag plug (take all frags off foreign plugs -- confirmed)