take a bite out of leather?!?!?!?


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ok, so here's the deal.....

i was doing a partial water change this evening and i started to drain some water out of my tank. i then noticed that my toadstool leather wasnt looking to happy. after closer examination, i noticed that there is a "chunk" missing out of one of the lobes! it looks like a bite you would see on a surf board after a shark got it! perfect mouth marks!

the leather has been in the tank for one year now and has been doing great (doubled in size). the last fish was entered into the tank 2 months ago (foxface). i feed a mix of pellets and mysis/brine shrimp once a day.

has this ever happend to anyone else?!?!?! anynone know what could have done this?

my live stock is as follows:

powder brown tang
regal tang
fairy wrasse
pair of gold stripe maroons
cleaner shrimp
2 lawn mower blennies
bicolor blenny
hi fin goby
pep shrimp
many various corals

thanks all!

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I doubt the foxface would have done this, I have had several over the years and they never touched any of my corals. Is the bite mark on the base or in the crown of the coral. I had what looked like bite marks in mine, and it was just the toadstool starting to split.


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the bite mark is on one of the "lobes" that is connected to the mushroom part.....if that makes any sense at all
I too have heard that a Foxface could nip at soft corals and clam mantles if it's not happy with the food you're feeding it. It bears watching IMO.