Taking Calcium reactor offline should I keep it going with c02 for bacteria


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I meant without c02 in the title ..I've been really battling with my tank lately and I've flooded the chemistry forum with threads sorry about that.. I really love this hobby and have since I was young. So sorry …I use both dosing pumps and cr lately been having issues with alk swings ,fluctuations ect . I am going to take out my cr for a little while and just dose via dosing pumps maybe?.... my question is should I completely remove the reactor or leave it be just turn off co2 for bacteria colonization? I dose vinegar is the only reason I'm asking .... Seems like it could make a good place for that type of bacteria if I wide open the flow? Or does that seem lame lol

Randy Holmes-Farley

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I'd either remove it and drain the water from it, or keep the water flowing without CO2 to keep it from becoming anaerobic.

If you want to aim it as a place for bacteria to grow, I'd pick a higher surface area media for them to bind to. GAC, maybe, or some of the ceramic stuff sold for bacterial growth.