Taking down my last salt tank - livestock


I am taking down the last of my salt. I have a few rocks with mushrooms, a bright green toad stool, hermits, and maybe a peppermint shrimp. Has algae and flatworms but I can dip the rock. If I have traded with you before you can have what you like first come first serve. If you want to give me a couple bucks I will take it, but I would just rather not kill the animals. Also have a reef test kit with most of the bottles unused, I will do half the mail order price.



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I have more than enough in my tanks, and I can't remember if we've traded before. But after anyone else has come by, I'll be happy to find a spot for whatever's left. I have everything you mentioned (even the flatworms) so I know I can keep them alive and I won't shy away from anything that needs a place to live.

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