Tang compadibility?


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So I am thinking of one of these combos of tangs for my 135. Which would be best?
scopas and powder blue
scopas and whitecheek(not powder brown)
whitecheek and powder blue
scopas and purple
maybe a scopas,purple and yellow because I have heard three of the same genus lowers agression. Also how big do these tangs get specificly the scopas because LA says 12in but the tang thread says they are fine in a 75 and I dont think a 12in tang would be fine in a 75.


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I've never seen a scopas more than 6". The powder blue and white cheek would be fish I would recommend only in a 6' tank.


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I never have had any aggression issues out of a scopas tang. Literally none. I've only owned two in my time as a hobbyist, but they were one of the most peaceful tangs I've had.

Any combo you can do that includes the scopas is probably what gives you the best chance of not having wars.

I'd suggest a scopas and maybe a tomini tang, that should be a good mix.


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I would go with one acanthurus(blue or whitecheek) and one zebrasoma(scopas, purple, or yellow). The acanthurus you are interested in are touchy fish and prone to ich so keep that in mind. The zebrasoma's you list are more hardy. You may want to try a zebrasoma with a different tang than those acanthurus choices.