Tank And Livestock Must Go


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Im shutting down my 35 gallon reef tank and must sell everything by this saturday 4/5. Im selling all the livestock and tank for $225 you can part it out if you want. Ive got an orange crush acan, 2 blue acans, like around 15 ricordia which are green, blue, red. and over 20 different sps corals all doing well. The tank is a 35 gallon with a custom corner overflow into a 15 gallon sump. both are glass, and it has a 36" black pine stand. Must sell by this weekend no reasonable offer refused. Send me your email to gwinslow@gmail.com and i will send you pictures. Or call me at 714-960-7722.


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asdfkasfjdasdf@ Missed out on another good deal! :(

I was the first to post and I missed out!!! Maybe we showed too much interest too quick, and he decided to keep it :eek1: