Tank Breakdown Sale


My company is relocating me so I need to break down my tank and sell all the livestock.

Most of the frags/mini colonies are already encrusted so I am trying to sell the rock including the corals. Rock prices are $20-$80, which includes the rock and the corals on it.

Examples of the rocks

Rock#1 $40
Jason Fox Pink Violet Montipora, Dragon Eye Zoas, Pink Zoas, and Green Bubble With Orange Tips anemone

Rock #2 $20
Tonga branch with purple/green maxi mini anemone

Rock #3 $80
Red Dragon, Jason Fox Pink Violet Montipora, GARF Bonsai, Pink Lemonade, rainbow montipora

Rock #4 $80
tubs Blue zoas, nuclear green palys, superman monti, meteor shower cyphastrea, poker star cyphastrea, ricordia, green birdsnest

Individual corals:
Trumpet Coral 20+ heads $40
Pink and Green Lobo 3 Heads
Lord Acans large colonies $40
Lord Acans Small colonies $20
Jason Fox Jack- O- Lantern Leptoseris 1" encrusted frag $80
Large chalice colonies (Bleeding heart, mystery chalice, easter egg chalice, Miami hurricane chalice) $40
Small chalice colonies (bubble gum, meteor shower, mystery chalice, easter egg) $20
Fruitloops zoa mini colony $40
Various zoa frags $20-40
Green Duncans $20 ~5heads
Pulsing Xenia frags $5
Ricordea $10

The fish will be sold after rock and corals are gone.
- Adult Mystery Wrasse (well fed) $80
- Mated pair of yellow watchman gobies $60 - They lay eggs regularly
- Adult Banggai Cardinal $10
- Small Yellow Tang $20
- Pair of breeding ocellaris clowns and anemone (green BTA with orange tips) $60

Some Equipment:
- Aquamedic 250w Pendant with aquamedic M80 Ballast and ~6 months old phoenix bulb. The pendant was painted black, and the set is old but in working condition. $40
- 20g Long drilled on the top back corners for return and overflow, with stand, a 10g sump with baffles and a return pump. $100 Everything but the stand is about 6 months old.
- Jebao wp10 used $40, brand new $50

The more you buy the better the pricing, and if someone wants all the live stock I will give you a great deal.



Me too but I am going to Florida so I am excited to be able to collect some critters myself.