Tank Builder for Custom 150g RR Glass tank


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Hey guys,

I am starting to search around for builders for a 150g RR tank I want to start in the near future. I've been poking around trying to find the best company to build the complete system from the custom glass tank, to the stand/hood, and system. I would prefer to stay local in the tristate area. I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas for place that do this and do this well. I have started some research getting quotes from Aquariums for you down in NJ. I would definetely be open to any advice and suggestions you guys may have. Thanks
I beleive world class aquariums in Brooklyn makes custom tanks.
If you want a great price , check out glasscages.com. They are out of state but offer pickup at locations in NY


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I could rant about my experience with glass cages for a page and a half, but thats been done. Do research about them first and take it seriously. i ignored the warnings from people who had problems with them and regretted it. i made them take the tank back and ended up buying an AGA. If you want a well made tank spend the money for a reputable company to build it.


I would also look at aquarium environments as they now have the ability to make a custom aquarium with glass sides and a pvc bottom