Tank cycling question?


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hey all, ran into a problem today? need some help!!! I started a 30gal tank about two weeks ago, and well today i got some more live rock to add in to help it cycle better.....problem is the store sold me a piece of rock with a tiny baby coral on it? Is this going to hurt my cycle/tank if i put it in? or throw off my cycle if it were to die? please help!!


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It might die, but I don't think it will throw off your cycle. Do you just have the stock fluorescent tube or something else? If you have the fluorescent, then it will probably die.


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Corals are pretty tough. What kind is it? What are your perimeters? Do you have a pic of it?


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No, it won't affect your cycle, depending on the coral though, it may die during the cycling process. Have you read up on the nitrogen cycle? A bacteria colony grows to handle the size of the bio-load put upon it, small or large. There is no way to "throw off" a cycle, it may take a little longer with more ammonia, but even then, it's minimal.