Tank died…still vodka dose?


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I’ve had a 400G reef tank (primarily SPS) for 8 years. 4-5 years ago I started vodka dosing and it was very successful: it took 4 months to slowly raise the level, but I finally drove nitrates to zero.

3 weeks ago the tank died. I don’t want to go into detail: I know what happened and how. Suffice to say, total death in about 24 hours.

I’ve cleaned the tank out (so sad throwing away giant dead SPS colonies grown from a frag), and I went through a mini cycle. Ammonia and nitrites are back to zero, but nitrates are elevated (25+).

I plan to rebuild shortly, but I’ve left the vodka dosing going in the hopes that it’ll kick back in. Hasn’t happened yet. It’s a 400G tank so the dosing is around 60ml a day spread out around the clock.

Will it kick back in and drive nitrates back down? Do I need to redo the ramp up (my god that was tedious)?


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While I know the Vodka dosing has been around, I’m not familiar enough with the idea but @cody6766 may be able to help more as I know he’s been vodka dosing recently.

That said, I don’t think it would need to be re-ramped up but I honestly don’t know.

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Nowadays nothing we test for regularly should be -0-
Anything above 10 is frowned upon.
It will kick back in though.


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Would starve in zero nitrate, essential for life.
It’s Ok to provide an additional carbon source, but only to a level which keeps nitrates low, but steady and always available.
Same with phosphate, but, at a much lower concentration, say .1ppm area.
I’ve carbon dosed for more than 5 years, from 50ppm to 10ppm, but that’s about as low as I go in a mixed reef.


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To clarify the above, with my understanding, many tanks run 5-10 nitrate and .03-.1 phosphate. Ammonia and nitrite should still be 0 as long as you have steady nitrate.