Tank for sale


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Ok, so I have some fish for sale, along with liverock and anemones. I am breaking down my 180 system and if no one wants to buy the complete set-up, I will sell the livestock and store the equipment. Here is a link to some pics...http://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=c964cb63a14e444b9a16dcf07a6807f9
So here goes...
French Angel 12" Grown from a 1" fish... $125
Queen Angel 8" Grown from 2" fish...$100
Quoiya Parrotfish...8"....$100(Bought from LA for $200)
Flame angel 3"....$40
Pair of Ocellaris clowns...$30
5 chromis...$10
Naso tang 8".....$50
Royal Gramma
Diamond head goby
3 big RBTA on a nice piece of rock...$100
3+1 baby tube anemones...colors are purple w/green mouth, pink w/ green mouth, bright pink and Deep purple baby....$125 for all 4
300 lbs Pukani liverock in my system for 3 years....$2 per lb.
Obviously shipping the big fish will be very difficult, but I will if you are willing to take the risk(no guarantee) and pay the high shipping I will. Otherwise, pickup is in Oshkosh, Wi. If you are interested in the whole set-up, it will be $1700 total. That will include all livestock, rock, and the 180 RR tank, stand canopy, 36 watt UV sterilizer, 2 stage carbon reactor, koralin denitrator, 2 1500 Koralias, return pump, reefkeeper lite, ATO unit, 4 t-5 VHO lights, 150 watt MH/PC light for sump, reef octo skimmer for 200 gallons, 4 stage RODI unit, and anything else I can find. Let me know if you are interested.