Tank in poor health. Need to buy new brand of test kit's?


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Hi all, i really need some advice here on what test kit's to buy as i am moving away from salifert due to them being expired. These are my option's below;

Phosphate test kit either Elos or hanna.

D-D MULTI TEST KIT An all in one high quality test kit from D-D to monitor Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in reef aquaria.

What do you think? Either i stick to salifert for mag, calcium and alk instead of D-D and i either buy Elos or Hanna for phosphate's as salifert test is showing zero.



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Hanna's ULR Phosphorous checker is pretty good for phosphate (The regular phosphate one isn't designed for marine, so it tends to be inaccurate.) Their marine alkalinity checker is good as well and easy to use. Never used D-D or Elos kits, so I can't offer an opinion there.


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I use API for pH, Alk, Calcium and PO4
Nyos for Nitrate
Red Sea for Magnesium and low range Nitrate.
Elos for PO4.
(I never test for ammonia or nitrite)