Tank Leveling?


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I am setting up a new tank but the floor slopes a bit in the direction of the length of the tank. So the left end is about 1/4 inch higher than the right. What is the best way to fix this problem? Would I use something under the stand or under the tank (ontop of the stand)? The tank is on a sheet of foam also.



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Never try to level the tank by putting something under it. Level your stand.

Never say Never. :) I built a stand. It was perfectly measured on all four corners. After installing, I noticed a slope due to the concrete foundation noy being flat where I was building the stand into the wall. Go figure. Anyways, I was worried about shimming it since I have a trough built in to the bottom for overflows/spills and wanted the bottom supported by the full concrete.

Luckily, I had a lip around the top of the stand making a small trough for the tank to sit in. It basically framed the bottom of the tank when it sits in there. Since the tank is acrylic, it it will be supported all along the bottom, not just on the edges. I filled the small trough with play sand and leveled it out. Placed a 1/2" thick sheet of styrofoam on top of that and then placed the tank on top of that. You can't see the sand (or the styrofoam) and the tank is now level. Cheap and no shimming necessary.