Tank location


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Just curious if anyone has a large (100+) tank on a second floor room? I have a 120 tank and am looking to move, the place we are looking at would have the tank on the main floor (which is the "2nd" floor - above the family room in the basement). Anyone have a large tank above or are they all on concrete basement floors? Just curious, I know I obviously have to look at the house specifically - each case is different, but just wondering if anyone had it.....
I once asked this question to a person who set up and maintains tanks for a living. I was living in a 3 story house and wanted to price out a 55 gallon. He told me that he has put as large as a 300 gallon tank on a 2nd story floor. I would just look at your beams and maybe beef them up a little, if possible.
In general, a larger tank should be OK if the floor joists are spaced 16" apart. If you can orient the tank perpendicular to the joists rather than parallel to them, the weight will be more widely distributed.