Tank monitoring via cellphone


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Is anybody here monitoring their tanks with a cellphone or something while they are away? My alarm guy said he can hook up probes on the tank to the alarm unit so if something starts acting funky it will let me know. What all are you using? I'm going to Cancun and then Panama soon and would like to have the peace of mind that my tanks are cool.


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With an apex controller you can do this . I don't have one :(

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Yep you can with the Apex. You can do everything your can controller can do from your phone (with internet) or a computer with internet.


Love my apex. Great tool for reefers! Mine sends email alarms to my phone. Adding in an IO breakout box for additional sensors and warning capabilities such as leak detectors, flow sensors and so forth. Have not set it up yet to actually control via the web, just emails at this time but will get to that soon.


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I check on my tank using Reefstatus for my Profilux 2 ex. I can control everything, get email alerts, reset errors, and even graph the data my probes collect lol. Reefstatus is a third party software application but GHL is in the process of making an actual application for Android OS. When i have some spare time i am going to get a web cam setup so i can view a live feed of my tank or post a live feed on a site :)


You can do it with any APEX or AC3 and either Android or iPhone. Either will work thru a standard browser, and both have apps that will control/display params.

AC3 will also work with just a network connection and email for alarm notification.


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I dont have a controller yet. Not quite sure if I want to get one or DIY. It was just a random idea that popped into my head.


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+ 1 on apex. I have it email with issues and I can view status via iPhone or web browser. Mines monitors temp, pH, ORP, water level in sump, and leak detection.