Tank of the Month - December 2003


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This month we are featuring Mike O'Brien's (mojoreef) dynamite reef tank:

More details can be found here or by clicking on the picture above.

Congratulations, Mike!


all i can say is very well thought out design mojo, stunning system.

i love a clean plumbing job:cool:
question mike, what do you use for phosphate and silicate control in the two lifeguard canister filters you have in line.
Mike... I thought that I would get in the question line early. Where did you get the Deltec reactor and when are you going to get me one ????

Glad to see your tank highlighted as this months TOTM. Well deserved honor. I am one of the lucky ones to have seen Mike's tank evolve, including trying to get that thing through the sliding glass door as well as plumbing adventurers. It is a great piece of architecting for sure and has incredible coral specimens. I am lucky too to have some of those itty bitty pieces of those coral specimens.

Great tank, great article, and Mike is a great resource to have in our neck of the woods. Congratulations Mike.
Thanks folks for the kind words, I am glad you like the reef.

Cresent1 One filter has activated carbon and the other a phosphate remover. Its the proline aquaculture line, I will tommorrow morning to get ya the brand name.

Steve LOL I knew you were going to ask that question. We will talk.

Chuck becareful, the last person that talked that nice to me I had to marry. thanks buddy for the words.

Take care

Beautiful tank Mike! :thumbsup: Love the whole thing, the tank has growth wonderfully since some of the older pictures I had seen in the past.

Hi Mike,
I really need to get over again and see this new tank now! I also think the fluidized reactor design is the way to go (I'll call) :)
You have done a wonderful job of planning and execution. Kudos to you my friend :thumbsup: Also the pictures are excellent.

Congratulations Mike!!!

I love your system. You've definitely earned the TOTM honors...:D

Thanks for the great article,



I remember seeing construction photos of this system many moons ago. I never saw the finished project. The system and workmanship are incredible. Great Job!

Mojoreef said:
Top-off water is provided by an Oceanus four-stage ro/di unit, containing an additional carbon canister; the unit produces approximately 100 gallons per day. Attached to this filter is a permeate pump, which allows up to 85% of the wastewater to be saved by recycling pressurized wastewater back through the reverse osmosis membrane.

Can you provide any more information on this?

Flow diagram? Does this also serve as a booster pump for the fresh water supply ?

And if I understand correctly, you are running the DI output through another carbon filter? I would think that would have the distinct possibility of leeching back into the water thus, increasing the TDS. Could you enlighten me?

Great tank by the Way!
Awesome set-up, awesome tank, awesome images...awesome, awesome, awesome...Congratulations.