Tank raised Mac Angels


Just curious how many you have? I am going to be out of town from the 11th -19th, I have no chance of getting one for the 23rd do I?:D Are tank raised Mac Angels a new thing? THis is the first I have seen of them. Any chance of them coming to you again?


Thank you for your post and interest in tank raised Mac Angel Fish. We are contacting our Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility with your questions. As soon as we have answers, we will post our reply.

Pat S.
Technical Support Department
Drs. Foster and Smith

Thank you for your patience. The Maculosus Angelfish is tank raised in Taiwan, and is only available a few times a year.

At this time we have a number of these beautiful specimens in stock, which will be on sale all week long. We are unsure when these will become available to us again. We would recommend ordering one while we have them in stock.

Michelle L.
Live Aquaria
Drs. Foster and Smith