Tank safe material to plug a hole in LR?, CANT be out of water long


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I need to find a tank safe material to plug a hole in a small rock, it CANT be out of water being theres 70+ zoas on the rock.

The reason i need to plug this hole "1/4 inch" is that there is a giant Aiptasia that lives deep inside this hole and
he is too smart and too fast to hit with my needle filled with lemon juice (works great btw) so i give up and i'll just seal his ugly face in there.

Things i've thought of so far...

Silicone - cant leave it out of water long enough to cure

Hot glue - cant confirm it's non-toxic and won't leech. So far, this is my best bet

Superglue - Hole is too big and deep, it would take 10+ tubes

Stryofoam packing peanut - The kind i just tried dissolved instantly :eek2: that was kinda weird.

Epoxy - Don't have any or know which kind is safe. It will cure much faster but it will also heat the rock a great deal

Cotton balls - Stuffed really tight? He'll probally work his way around them and i don't know it they will be tank safe long term.

.45 Cal Hollow point? - :deadhorse1:

Anybody have any ideas? The hole is on the bottom of the rock.



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Thanks, i've only used 2-part epoxys and they've all got super hot a couple minutes after mixing.


The epoxy itself does get pretty warm when you mix the 2-part together, but if you shove it on the hole, then put it back in your tank, the rock won't heat up one bit.


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Stuff the hole with your gravel then use frag glue. DONE!

Thanks guys for all the ideas!


I went down to the dollar store and bought a 6 pack of Cyanoacrylate superglue, thats all it said (Superglue) well, :headwally:

Took out the rock, filled with crushed coral and grabed a tube of glue and didn't bother testing the viscosity very well and proceeded to squeeze the tube pretty hard, not suprising it came out in fluid form!

It went right through the CC and out the other side right next to the colony :headwalls:

Along with the glue pouring out came a crap ton of pods and bristleworms (Ooops)

I took a tupeware container dumped some tank water in there and tossed the rock in. Put a light on it and waited to see if they'll open.

All but one opened in about 45mins.

On the brightside, the crushed coral is hard as a rock. :beer:
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