Tank sell off...selling one of my systems entirly


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Figured I needed a better format of breaking my tank down, I had a few mins and did this....


$20 10+ joker palys
$30 8 Nuke greens
$40 30 Lord of the ring zoas
$20 7 AOG zoas
$30 1 space monster paly
$15 1 magician
$30 23 blow pop zoas
$20 25 watermelon zoas
$50 4 darth maul zoas
$30 2 blue hornets
$20 8 purple death zoas
$5 1 AOI zoa
$10 4-5 alpha and omega zoas
$20 10-11 green center brownish skirt zoas
$30 10+ Orange Nebula zoas


$70 20+ duncan heads
$20 4 head pc and $10 2 head pc head candy canes
$40 1 rainbow lobo
$40 6 rainbow acan heads
$40 8 eye miami hurricane chalice
$30 half dollar paridise chalice


$60 4in x 5-6in green spondges colony
$15 nice size frag of green birdsnest

Softies/inverts/whatever else-

$120 4in blue maxima with neon blue stripes
$10 a head 4 ricordias, orange and 1 blue

some other random mushrooms and softies

All prices are OBO, the more you buy the better of a deal i can cut you

Fish, rock, and equipment will be sold after the corals are gone. If you see anything you like let me know you can put dib on it.

Not getting out of the hobby just ran out of room for one of my tanks.




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+1 where in tampa and whats the price on all your zoas?

oh and i'd like the miami hurricane chalice too
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Please text me your name and what u want.....i am available today. Im located off vandike and veterans......lutz area. My number is 8137778881


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I picked up 4 ricordia's, a frag of acans, the 20 head of duncans, and Mark threw in a beautiful mangrove for free. Everything looked great today. Thanks again Mark. The clam is beautiful if anybody was wondering.


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no problem on the mangrove! I enjoyed having you over and had a good time talking about the hobby.

Tank update,

tank, stand, sump,

$40 mag 5 pump,

$50 mag 7 pump,

$100 (price drop from $125) 4inch maxima clam,

$40 mystery wrasse,

$10 starry blenny,

$40 black sailfin blenny,

$20 red hawk or swallow tail fish,

$(free with the purchase of an item) blue yellow damsel,

$10 bristle tooth tang ( yellow blue line),

$60 tunze nano skimmer,

.......that should be it


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o ya one more thing
$40 for 15 head acan...red light blue stripe with pink ring around its mouth.

$80 light, selectable galaxy ballast and pendant with a 250w phoenix bulb about 5 month old ran 5hrs a day.


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Hi-I'm interested in the mp10es and tunze nano skimmer if they are still available. Can you ship to CA or is it local p/u only? Thanks.