Tank shut down


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I am shutting down my system it has been running for about 5 years. Just don't have the time for it right now. Asking $1200 for everything but will part out if interested.

90 gallon reef ready tank 48x18x24
36 inch tek elite 6 bulb (ati bulbs about 3 months old)
mag 9 return pump
tunze 6065 power head
two brs 1.1 ml dosing pumps
you choice of 75 gallon or 20 gallon sump (depending on if it has to fit under the stand for you of not)
two heaters
coral life protein skimmer ( Will sell the reef octopus sro 2000 that I am using for $100 more if interested)
about 100 lbs of live rock

Live stock
fish: purple tang, chevron tang, red sea sailfin tang, clown fish, naked clown fish, melanurus wrasse red scooter blenny, marine betta

two good size clams, a rose bubble tip anemone and two green bubble tip anemones, Halloween urchin

way to much to list but mostly sps

will sell anything off separate if interested but I would obviously I would have to get rid of the coral and rock before I could catch the fish and could not get rid of the equipment till the live stock was gone. If there is anything you see in the pictures that you are interested send me a PM and let me know.