Tank Shutdown/FS LeeMar Tank/Steel Stand/Equipment

Lost most of my sps and unfortunately over it for now, this was a second system I had setup and can't justify keeping an sps only system without sps.

Everything on this setup is less than 2 years old concerning the equipment, the tank is a few years older I believe as it was sold to me as an OG LeeMar when I got it.

-Tank dims are 72" x 30" x 24" Starphire all around, corner overflow and returns can run this as a peninsula if you want. excellent condition no scratches

-Sump is an elite aquatics acrylic with built in separate recirc fuge on the far right
dims are 44x24x16

-Steel stand 41" H with the plywood between the tank and stand.

-Lights are the largest aquatic life t5 hybrid fixture with the 4x t5 and currently have 4 radion xr15 G4 on it as well.

-wavemakers are the newer jebao copies of the AI Nero 3 of those, one real AI Nero and 1 Larger old Jebao wavemaker

-skimmer is aquaexcel not sure what model but its a recirculator and plenty capable even for large load

-return pump is vectra s2

-tunze ATO with 15 gallon acrylic tank

-titanium heater and controller

- OG apex

- Bubble magus doser

-reeflink carbon reactor and some other odds and ends

Tank is currently running but ready to shut down so wanted to see the interest level before draining it or if someone wants a running system. Livestock is staying with me and will go in my other system, probably the same for the live rock unless someone really wants a full running system which I will consider selling that as well. All the rock is OG fiji, pukani no fake rock or manufactured rocks, most of the live rock has been running in one of my systems over the prior 15 years so its super stable on the bio level.

Not interested in parting out so don't even ask, I wont reply. Everything above except the rock I would like to get $2500 but will consider all reasonable offers. I am not moving and not in a hurry to sell this, etc. Text is preferred over PM as I am not usually online. You can also text me for more pics. Moving is on you, relatively straightforward its on the ground level and you can throw tank and stand on a dolly and wheel around the side of the house. Location is Westminster 92683





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Update lighting is sold. Everything else goes together for $1200obo

wave pumps

Tank is drained and on dollies, renting a low trailer is ideal situation and easiest for everyone.