Tank update and Live rock HH


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I purchased some rock from Shelby for a great price!(thanks Shelby)I still need to get a skimmer, pump, better lights & sump. Could someone please ID whats on this rock? Also, does it look like I need more rock?

Thanks again!

Tomoko Schum

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The corals in the picture looks like a type of zoanthid. A nice looking zoa at that.

As far as the amount of rocks are concerned, it's hard to tell, but your tank looks somewhat sparse. However, it may be due to the fact that rocks are spread on the sand bed rather than stacked. Since you already have a good amount of live rocks, you can use non-live rocks instead of live rocks to make up the difference or aquascape your rockwork to your liking.

A good start, though :)



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The ones I started with did. They drawed up for a little while and then started looking better. They grow great, I have some in all three tanks. They colonize very well and are very pretty. My better half loves them. Good luck looks like your off to a good start.


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Is it a zoa or a palythoa? I have some just like that in my tank, which are very close in the coral family from what I have read and seen. The green eye in the middle looks really cool under blue actinic kinda glows like a frogspawn. I'm sure it will not take long before you have a rock full.