Tank Waiting--Stale Water?


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I set up a 12g nano, in preperation for a RBTA I was supposed to get last week. It seems that the anemone moved onto a rock in the back of the gal's tank & I have to wait till she can get it out. I have a small Aquaclear filter on it for water movement. Will the tank be fine till I get the anemone or will the water go stale?


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still trying to capture the dang anemone puffer. my tank design makes it very difficult. if the foot is attached, can i just use a credit card to pry him off? I think he (the anemone) knows something is up, because he moved to the back of my tank. ...so I can't reach his foot!!!


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Puffer - the water should be fine. Just make sure to keep it moving and oxygenated and warm (treat it like there was an anemone already in it).

softbal4 - you could try to direct a small powerhead towards the anemone to get it to move. They will move to where the are most comfortable and most anemones do not like direct flow. Not sure if this will stress the animal, but I have heard it works. If you are going to peel the anemone off the rock it's on, take care not to tear its foot. Can you remove the rock she is on? You could trade puffer the rock with the anemone for a similar sized piece of LR and the price of the anemone.