Tanks for sale


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I have a wedding coming up and I have found that I have a few "extra" tanks that I no longer need or sitting collecting dust. Give me a text and I can send pic's to your phone if interested. 330.281.9424 I also have a turbo twist that needs a new bulb $20.

1) Sea Clear 60 acrylic (two thirty tall's connected by two 6" dia. tubes). It is set up as a FW system currently. Comes with Filstar canister filter, Laderite substrate, heater, few fish (pleco, gromies and tetra's), stand, custom D.I.Y.in-stand cabinet, custom D.I.Y canopy with two 4' led lights on T-8 platform and are 65K and 55K respectively (have original light fixtures/tops). $350 with LED lights $250 without.

2) 29 gallon cube with black silicone (not drilled), Oak/Maple? stand with smoke glass front and matching FW light fixture. $200

3) 50/55? tank not drilled with pine stand $150 With metal wrot-iron stand $100. Just tank, $50.

4) 27 Gal. bow-front FW set-up. Tank, glass lid, light and HOB filter. $60.