tanks, skimmer, lights, rics, carpet etc.

First off, my digi cam crapped out months ago...so I don't have any pics. Secondly, rather than hold stuff and have people not show...I'm going to be home in the evenings after 5 for pickup or just plain looking :) The sooner it gets sold, the sooner I can tear down (Bought a condo in this outrageous market and need $$$)

Available stuff in Long Beach now:

Bright neon grass green 10-12" carpet. 1 1/2 years old - $50

ASM G2 stock skimmer with Sedra 3500 - $150

Healthy 1 1/2 yr. 4" Gold Banded Maroon Female, gentle non-agressive - $25
Cleaner shrimp - $10

Yuma ric rock aprox 6 heads, watermelon with green mouth - $40
Florida rick rock aprox 8 heads, peachy pink with neon green mouth - $50

BIG neon green leather sinularia (the socal neon) aprox. 7" multibranched, comes on big branch of tonga liverock - $80

Neon green tipped toadstool aprox 1 1/2" - $25

Open brain in neon green with red stripes, aprox 5" - $20

Tons of pulsing xenia, anthelia - $5 and we'll hack off some BIG frags.

T-5 Teklight 36" with 6 lamps 39w in silver. All lamps replaced 6 months ago (reef geek) I paid $500 with lamps, sale $300

Coralife compact flourescents, 32w, 96w retrofits...come see and make offer

wet dry sump 20g? with overflow - $30

29g. glass tank - $15

Large acrylic tank, stand and canopy (black gloss) not sure how many gallons, purchased used from socal reefer, but I never set it up. Dimensions 48" x 15" x 18" Has small crack on euro type trim. I think it's fine for use (but you be the judge) - certainly safe for a big sump - $100

Tall rectangular 10g nano clear for life with black acrylic foot and black back - $30

10g clear for life with bulkhead for sump -$20

When livestock sold,

40g RR Visio glass tank, stand and canopy. Center overflow, also drilled with two upper returns - $100 (I will take a reservation so I can email you when available)

I realize it's a bummer I don't have pics, but just PM me for the address...it's all priced to sell at what I hope are some pretty reasonable prices to move it all fast. ;)


edited to add
Carbon from last group buy - aprox 25 lbs. - $25 (includes nice big bucket with lid)


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I want ASM G2.

What condition and how old?

I can paypal now and pickup on weekend or early afternoon before then after work.

Let me know.


Hi, I'd rather just deal with cash than paypal. If you can meet me at 5 pm tomorrow with cash it's yours. Oh, great condition...I've had it for 2 1/2 years.
All PM's answered unless your mailbox was full.

Who knew people wanted to show up that fast :p