Tap water for fowlr


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All of my corals and fish didn't make the transfer to my new house and thinking about either selling the tank or setting up a fish only tank. Is the water in Oldsmar area ok to use or are their any water treatments or issues going on.


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you will still need to use RO/DI water just as if you were keeping corals.

as for the water, there are two times a year that Pinellas County Changes there treatement of the water, I do not remember but others will chime in to let you know. if you have a RO/DI system you will have no issues at all


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I would NOT use tap water regardless of the additive you put in it. I topped off my Biocube with purified bottled water and algae broke out.
Tap water would be worse....

Nola Bear

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The city of Saint Petersburg actually reports their water tests online, and it is awful. We are lucky our kids don't have three eyes. Rodi all the way. And have the LFS show you the Tds reading too. If they won't, move on to the next store....