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I need to borrow the club TDS meter to test the water at the new house. It's got a well and I'd like to know where I'm starting.


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ok newbie asking a a tds metter what tells you about the water? and if so what does it tell you, and last why would you need one?


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Tells you how many PPM(parts per million) of.. stuff is in the water.
TDS = Total Dissolved Solids.

I've got one coming with my RO/DI unit tomorrow SQUEE!


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I like .01 or less. That is what mine was reading the last time I checked. But I'm not sure what the standard is?


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Home Depot has a TDS meter by their water filter section for customer use! At least the one by Quail Springs does.

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Tony, I am hoping to be at the meeting, but if you want to drop by we can test it. Or I can meet up with you at the meeting.


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Ideal TDS

Ideal TDS

<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=12918792#post12918792 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by jnsnams
and what is a good parts per million to have at a house?

As Abbysmom stated, ZERO ppm TDS is the ideal for your tank water.

As an example, our tap water in Edmond averages between 250 and 350 ppm. Even if you add chemicals to remove chlorine, there are lots of other things in tap water that you don't want accumulating in your tank, including phosphates, copper, lead, mercury, nitrates and nitrites, etc. ad nauseum. The water evaporates, but the unwanted minerals (TDS) just continue to accumulate with every top off or water change. This buildup may explain why some tanks inexplicably just "crash"...

In my opinion, a RO/DI filter is a necessary investment if you have large tanks; for smaller systems, you can usually obtain RO/DI water from your LFS for around 30 cents a gallon.