Tear down - Stage 1 completed


In Memoriam
This morning we pulled all the rock out of the rubbermaid bins, layed them out on the driveway to dry & cook.

Scoooped all the sand out, still in buckets.

Drained the water out of the tank, drained the pipes, disconnected the pumps.

In a little hwile we'll be taking the tank out of the house ...

Need To DO:

  • Clean Tank
  • Buff Scratches out
  • Drill Tank for CLS
  • Re-Plumb using Spa-Flex
  • Leak Test

Thinking about doing the following:

  • Replace Stand w/ 2x4 Stand
  • Build Custom Canopy


In Memoriam
i dunno ... i'd like to build it up a few inches, and i'd really like to make the canopy taller ... more air, less heat, more room to work ... but it would be hard to match a canopy to the stand.


In Memoriam
tank is out now btw ... just washed it out, maybe tomorrow i will clean it out, get the algae off the acrylic & maybe even start to buff.