Tech M or Sea Hare for Bryopsis isssue???


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I have a 75 gallon about 75 lbs of LR. Half of LR is in my sump so no algae issues on those rocks. I have a few rocks in tank that look pretty bad but they have some corals attached. I read about peroxide but don't want to go that route. Either grown Sea Hare or the overdose of Kent Tech M. What do you guys think to get rid of bryopsis. I have a Aqua C PRo S with a magdrive 5 in my sump. I also dose nopox so my nitrate and phosphate both read 0. I am dosing 4ML into the sump. Anyone with experience with a Seahare eating bryopsis please let me know.


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I had a sea hare that ate bryopsis, and several that did not. I would say to try both. Use the TechM to kill the bryopsis, and a sea hare for removal if he will touch it. In the meantime, perform good husbandry to keep your PO4 and NO3 low so algae will not return.

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Both approaches have drawbacks. Tech M works for many but not all. Once you tame the initial outbreak, the long term solution will be nutrient control. Unfortunately there is no quick easy solution.

Curious - why did you rule out peroxide?