Teeing off a mag 12 return


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I have been contemplating teeing off my return to run 2 reactors (GFO & Carbon). One of the reasons being that the mj 900 has stopped making the GFO tumble so I was thinking I could add more flow from the return with ball valves. This would also eliminate 2 pumps in my sump. Does the mag 12 push enough water to do this? Currently the mag has about 4' of head preasure and I have the ball valve wide open.

Any help would be great.


yes the mag will provide enough flow, but if you are wide open now then you will be loosing flow in the display tank. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you have powerheads to maintain flow in the tank. Slowing down your sump can often be a good thing, so if you do have powerheads, then I say go for it.


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I did this with a mag 9.5 on a 90g with 4' of head. I was never able to run wide open anyway,and a gfo reactor does not require alot of flow.