Tell me it isnt a mantis!!


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My 60 gallon tank finished cycling about 2 weeks ago, at that point I put a bunch of snails and hermits in it.. They all did fine, then About 4 days ago i put in two peppermint shrimp, a skunk cleaner shrimp, and a sixline wrasse. The first night, the wrasse disappeared, never to be seen aagain, the second night, the cleaner shrimp disappeared, the third night one pepermint shrimp, and now the other one is gone. I figured that they have just hidden because they are scared, and new to the tank, but today, I have found a hermit crab with a cracked shell!! But the hermit was still inside, just munching away on the rocks., I havent heard any clicking from the tank, but the temporary sump I am running is pretty loud. Is this a mantis? should I try anything to see if it is?

your replies would be appriciated!


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could be a mantis or a pistol shrimp, try viewing the tank at night with a red lens flash light a hour or so after lights out


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Thats a shame. It's bad enough to lose one,but all that really sucks! It sure sounds like a mantis shrimp to me. You should set up a mantis trap. You can google mantis trap and they will show you how to make them.Best of Luck.