Temp Control


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I saw you post the following on another thread.

And add:

If Temp < RT+-2.0 Then HET OFF

in case of temp probe failure.

If Time > 10:30 Then MH1 ON
If Time > 10:40 Then MH2 ON
If Time > 21:30 Then MH1 OFF
If Time > 21:40 Then MH2 OFF
If Temp > 84.1 Then MH1 OFF
Max Change 030 M Then MH1 OFF
If Temp > 84.0 Then MH2 OFF
Max Change 030 M Then MH2 OFF
If Temp < 77.0 Then HET ON
If Temp > 79.0 Then HET OFF
If pH > 08.50 Then KLK OFF
If pH < 08.49 Then KLK ON
If Moon 000/000 Then MON ON
If Timer MH1 = ON Then MON OFF
If Timer MH2 = ON Then MON OFF

How do I write that into my program as well?

The other example was using seasonal tables; that is what the RT is for. You would add something like the statement below in order to do the same thing.

If Temp < 75.0 Then HET OFF

Note; you may want to adjust the low temp to suit your environment.

Not sure if I want to pursue seasonal tables yet.

I understand that the statment that I quoted was from a seasonal table is there a statement could be a back up if the temp probe fails?
I'm sorry, I must have confused you....

The original thread was a program using seasonal tables. I notice that you are using real temperatures so I included in the reply above a statement that would work in your case (no seasonal tables needed).