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what is the high side of a safe temp in a reef tank dont want 2 boil anything thanks for any input:confused:
84 seems to be the norm at the moment because of a recent upgrade in lights but i dont want to do any damage thanks
peak every day is 86 for me. Most would say this isn't good but i've not had problems with it for 3 years. Who knows :)
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make sure you are not fluxing more than 4 degrees....they say that really it should be at 78 or 79 deg. but that is very difficult w/o chiller. Add fans to blow across water top and don't run metal hal. more than 6 hours a day. KR
I cut down the mh to 6 hours and added a fan to the sump and it keeps the temp at 80 degrees instead of 82 at peak during the day. Two fans in the canopy. No chiller. House is at 77.