Test kit questions...


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I am about to order a refractometer, as well as; Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity test kits from Dr.'s Foster & Smith...
The Sailfert tests are all sold out... The dutch need to get busy I guess...So I am going to order a mix of Seachem, instant Ocean, and Red sea test kits... Anything really really wrong with that??

Anyone know of any alternate sites to order from? The LFS has them but they're VERY expensive......

Roy G. Biv

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Unless you need it ASAP, I would wait for salifert IMO. There has been some debate over Saliferts ALK test though. I'm not sure about DrFosterSmith, but I know that That Pet Place will let you order all your items at once and then ship them to you individually as they come in, all for the same shipping as if they were all together.