test kit review


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well billy it took longer to get the API KH kit but finally got it and here is my results for all the kits I have with cal., mag, and alk. let me know what ya think.

cal. NSW 1.025
API - 320ppm
Salifert - 320ppm
Hagen - 340ppm
IO - 330ppm

KH. NSW 1.025
API - 9dkh
Salifert - 9.0dkh
IO - 9.8 dkh

Mag. NSW 1.025
Salifert - 1290ppm


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Thats what I've been saying all along.

The only thing you give up with the API is testing to the tenth.

Otherwise, it is a fine inexpensive test kit. :)

I thought I was the only "testing fool" I'm movin over, there's a new kid in town. :thumbsup:


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lol yeah and i have to admit the API kits are very easy to use.
i must say testing is fun lol. (not to many ppl say they like to test)

now i just have to get some other brands and check them out.

the only kit i was worryied about was the Hagen Cal. kit. i said it tested 340 but was i think closer to 360ppm otherwise the others were fairly close to each other.


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Not surprising, I like API. The Calcium always matches the others but takes 1/2 the effort.

Lol, I hate all PH test kits and love having a probe. I find Salifert to be almost useless. It's the only time I ever feel colorblind.