Test results off the chart!!


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75g reef tank fully established.
Noticed my chalices started losing flesh, moved them and did a few readings.. If you guys need more information or other tests, please let me know. Thanks.

Salinity - 1.028
Temp. 78.5
Calcium - 420ppm
KH(Carbonate hardness) - 196.9
Nitrate - 0-0.3ppm
Ph. - 7.4
Po4- 0.5ppm
Lighting - 2xfull spectrum LEDs

1xclown fish
1xfire shrimp

Coral, 20 different species, mainly lps, a few montipora frags and a few chalices

Filtration/ fx6 canister filter

Also!!!!! - please someone tell me why I can keep all this coral but for some reason, hammer coral and torches always receed and die?


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Which one are you thinking is off the charts? Those all look pretty normal to me with the exception of phosphate which is a bit high. And your salinity seems to be a bit on the high side too. But I don't see anything I would call off the charts.

How did you get that pH reading? It is most likely wrong.


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pH is pretty low at 7.4 ,probably a bad reading though.

Do you dose organic carbon? Euphylia and a variety of chalices types and caulastrea do ok in my tanks but some of them but not all don't grow nearly as well as they did without out it. I don't know why. Could be the organics or lack of a specific trace or minor element or allelopathic affect from the other corals in the tank.

Chalices Echinophylia, oxypora, mydedium and otetr pectinidae seem prone to infections,ime which often take the whole coral if you don't frag it off early enough.Usually a white splotch or a aspot of thinning tissue sows up and spreads. Sometimes it stops if you shade the coral for a while. Fragging it away with a 1/4 inch margin into good tissue often saves the specimen.
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