Thank you BOD!


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Thanks to all of the people responsible for another great swap. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated. Got some insane deals on great corals too :)


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I will second that! great swap.
I spent a lot of time today talking and getting to know some real nice people.
I also got to welcome some new members for the club that joined today.
The sandwiches we had for lunch were very good! that seemed like a really uncomplicated way to get lunch done.
Thanks to all who pitched in to make it happen again!


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Great swap.thanks to everyone that helped out.Special thanks to Larry F and Jen F for doing a great job hosting this event.


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This swap was awesome! Thanks so much for hosting it again guys. Larry F is a rock star! He came through in the clench.

Also, thanks to the whole B.O.D. and everyone that help put this event together. I sure had a lot of fun!

The corals was great, the food was plenty, and the people were all awesome! Thanks once again for having us each and every year.



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Thank You,We have a great group now and have grown much since I have been on board.I appreciate the opportunity to do it another year and I am pleased to be part of a great group and great society.<3 this group
Thanks for the nominations --Great job BOD