Thank you Jack and AC


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As most of you know Jack was a large part of making this swap a large success with a lot of hard work and contacting most of the venders, the only two that I contacted was Glass Cages and MRC which was funny the two I won thanks to Norman and Mike(lotsoftats) for buying me the tickets. Jack also kept us straight and made sure we did what was assigned. Although there were a lot of people that stepped up and helped I think Jack deserved a special thank you from the club so Chris and I both agreed to give Jack a $150 gift certificate to the AC. We picked the AC because of there outstanding support for the frag swap and as always there support of the club. When I talked to AC they doubled it. That is the class act that they are.


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that's awesome and I agree too. We have a great club and it's nice to have the support from the local stores.



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Thanks Jack for putting the swap together...

It was my first time going to one and My wife and I had alot of fun..She thought that maybe she was going to get bored and want to leave earlier but time went by really fast for both of us before we knew it it was 3:00pm..

Everything was well done… Even the food was good and very well priced which I wasn’t expecting (The cheap part that is).

Thanks to everyone that helped out too..


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yep thank you Jack. The fruits of your labor were defiantly apparent by the success of the swap. It was the best one so far. Thanks to the critter to they were definatly first class the way they set up and the deals they offered. I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting a viper light. Great jon is all I can say.


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I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting a viper light.

I'll second that...



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well deserved by Jack, He did a lot of extra work for this swap, Thanks Jack and to the AC for all they did for our swap and for the club through out the whole year.



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Definitely a huge thanks to Jack! That is really, really awesome the Critter doubled it... I honestly don't want to ever move because of the Critter and Emerald Bay. Unless, of course, its closer to them. :D

We couldn't ask for a better club or stores. After visiting other stores in other areas, I really see how fortunate we are and do my best to not take it for granted.



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Thanks Jack! I thought it went really really well (despite the heckling from the ETRC...hee hee)!!!


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Thanks, everyone! It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. It was also fun being heckled during the raffle :lol:

Thanks also to all those who helped out. It took a lot of us to make it run smoothly, and I know some of you worked extra "shifts". Thanks for all your hard work :D

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Big thanks for all the work everyone put into the swap. I couldn't imagin it running any smoother..... Oh well, if I wasn't 35 mins late for my shift that is :lol:. Thanks a bunch to whoever filled in for me (jen?) I also am so glad we have such great stores in our area. Class act all the way for doubleing the gift card AC!! I think the club has made great strides with the Bod we have going. Jack is always willing to help folks out with great advise.


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This was our first frag swap! all I can say is WAY TO GO JACK AND MTRC, JOB WELL DONE!!!!! We are so proud to be a small part this group.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11662925#post11662925 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by crumbletop
It was also fun being heckled during the raffle :lol:

I'm glad you think so! hah hah.


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We had a great time, Jack, et al. It was great to be able to see everyone (MTRC and ETRC, as well as the numerous new faces). Frag swap are fun, but the work that goes into them can make you want to pull the wings off of wasps for days on end while rocking in place, mumbling:D... I actually got to enjoy this one. Great job, guys.