Thanks Jeremy!

Capt. Nemo

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I'm sorry for the belated and well deserved thank you, but that's only because I've been spending endless hours messmerized and staring at the beautiful Marshall Island that you sent me! Thumbs way up to you my man! I will have to take some pics to share with everyone. Just a couple of questions. Despite my best effort at removing the wet brown paper that was used to wrap the rock, I have noticed that there are several small pieces of the paper are in hard to reach places under and behind the rock. I would assume that the paper is not harmful to my tank's water chemistry. Would it be best to let it go and let it dissolve instead of going crazy trying to get every last bit of paper. I have another question, but I'll let you answer this one first and also let you bask in the glory of another job well done. Thanks again from both me and my wife and my future porcuppine puffer.


Jeremy B.

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Hi Gary,

I'm glad to hear you were really pleased with the rock that we had sent you! The Marshall really is nice looking rock, in my opinion the best in the hobby!

I wouldn't worry too much about getting every little tiny last piece of paper. Obviously go in and get out as much as you can, but if a few pieces are left over this is not going to hurt anything.

Thanks again!