Thanks to MTRC!


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Thanks for putting on the swap. It was my first one and I had a great time (despite not winning one of the tanks :rolleyes: ).
I now need to start saving for the next one.

Thanks again!



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This was my first, and I am HOOKED :dance: All the people were great! Thanks to all that allowed me to ask questions and all the answers and advice! Maybe by the next one I will have learn a few things so I help some new :idea: Thanks again! Ricky


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MAN YOU GUYS SHOULD BE SOOOO PROUD! This was one of the greatest swaps I have ever attended. Thanks so much for all the effort and it was a complete blast meeting all you good people. I am also happy MEL won the NANO!!! Yea MEL!!!


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Yea congrats to Mel on the Red Sea Max. I remember readin' the thread on ETRC about you havin' to get rid of your big tank. Glad you get to setup another tank.



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Good show, MTRC!!! Best swap I've attended! Also, glad Mel finally won something, and sounds like her previous bad luck turned around in a big way today!



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One more shout out for Mel.

I don't know her very well, but I know her situation (because I'm going through it now). It definitely found the best home out of everyone there.


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OH man, guys!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this swap!

Dave...the luck did turn around in a major way! I am so happy I will finally get back into it. I'm completely ecstatic.

You reefers here in TN make all this stuff worthwhile too. Everyone is so wonderful...I think some of you were just as happy as me that I won!

Wayne's right...we really do have an amazing group of reefers here in TN (don't worry Gary, we still include you in the TN Reefers).

Fan...I'm sorry you have to go through this poop sucks bad but there is a light at the end of the tunnel..I promise.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11640666#post11640666 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by EvilMel
OH man, guys!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this swap!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but I have an especially good one of Mel! :D

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BIG thanks to all of the MTRC and any other volunteers to help put this swap on. It was a GREAT time!! That you for the hospitality - As previously stated TN has a super bunch of reefers - we all can be proud of that!!


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I've not been to a frag swap since the MTRC swap 2-3 yrs ago. Then it was lots of $50 1" frags of sps-lots of sellers were not happy they brought home so many of their own frags. I quit going until this one. I couldnt imagine a better frag swap. Virtually perfect. Number of people selling to number buying was about perfect. Not as crowded as I heard the last one was. Sellers were selling at frag swap prices Nice layout of tables. Cheers to MTRC for a great swap!

Congrats to Mel.


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I do have to say, this was one of our best frag swap meetings. This is my third frag swap. First one is very memorable and I learn quite a bit and bought quite a bit the first time like this time. Last time I didn't buy much of anything cause all the prices were quite high and didn't see much, also most of the stuffs were already pre-sold or gone already before I even got there. This time I just buy buy buy, so many good offers and more variety and tons of stuffs to look at. Thanks to all the sponsors that make this possible....I about flip out when Mel won that tank, I was about to fight her for don't need another tank anyways.....I'm happy for you Mel, now start making more pretty zoas since you got that tank!!! :lol:

ps. I just read you had to get rid of your big tank?? What you do with your Naso Tang Mel?????


Thanks you MTRC for a great frag swap. You guys/gals did a great job if setting up and organizing.We from WTRMAC had a great time.



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My hat's off to Jack and all the gang @ MTRC for a fantastic swap! You people put a lot of planning and hard work into it and it really showed. Mary Ruth and I enjoyed seeing old friends as well as meeting quite a few new "reefers". The selection and quality of frags was nothing short of awesome.

Thanx to everyone who bought frags from us. Hope they all do well for you.


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I also want to place a big thanks to MTRC for pulling off a great swap! After missing last year it was really impressive to see how much this has grown over the past few years.

It was nice meeting a lot of you and I had an awesome time, came back 15 frags and clams not to mention some freakin awesome deals on equipment.

I also attended the lecture by Dr. Shimek and that was a very eye opening and informative lecture on the condition and gradual extinction of our reefs.

Thanks for an awesome swap guys!!!