The abuse these things can take amazes me...


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I got this 3-polyp frag from a member of the reef club a few months ago:

Well, it got knocked between a couple of rocks and ended up face down at least a month ago and I forgot all about it. I found it and pulled it out about 5 hours ago and it has now totally opened and looks like this (pardon the poor photography):

The polyps were reaching around the rock and straining through the gravel and stretching for the little bit of light that was available. It now has at least 14 or 15 polyps that are fully extended and looking very healthy. Amazing how they live through rough treatment...
awesome Runner. I had a frag of zoos that got picked up by my blue tuxedo urchin and carried around for months...i forgot i even had them, and then he decided to drop them off in front one day, and i "discovered" them. i made sure to glue them down this time!

by the way, nice zoos.