The best fish food


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Hello everyone,

As promised here is possibly the best fish food I have every used for condition my clownfish when I was breeding them. I also used this when I was trying to raise centropyge aurantius angels. I must say that I got the largest spawns after using this food for 4 to 6 weeks. I will also say that none of my clownfish fry were ever deformed and had perfect coloration. Pleas let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy it's amazing

This is for a large quantity so reduce the solution accordingly or make a batch and sha with the club it makes a lot. Remember this was used at the brookly. Aquarium to feed all there fish.


Capelin 300g
Clam 300g
Spinach 300g
Carrots 150g
Yeast powder 200g
Vitamins E 5.5g
Vitamin b12 5.5g
Vitamin A 5.5g
Vitamin d 5.5g
Vitamins C 5.5g
Thiamine 100mg
Ki iodine 20 mg or kelp
Fish roe 5oz
Shrimp tails no sheels or head 5 oz
Kelp meal 20 mg
Thiamine 5.5g
Astaxanthin 2oz This is very important for fish health and color and if your breeding clownfish your clutch of eggs will be deep orange, the fry will also have very healthy yoke sacks.
Water 2100g
Gelatin KNOX BRAND 500g this gets added to the food after you mix it. Once you slow cook the gelatin and add it to the food place in refrigerator until it hardens like fresh cooled pudding. Place in a pan lined with wax paper Reynolds wrap to prevent sticking don't want the significant other to get upset lol. Once it cools down cut small pieces up and feed to fish they will go crazy over it. It's the freshest food they can get. I feed this to a pair of clowns I owned and they lived for 18 years until I gave them to a friend and he killed them. By the way the spawned all thouse years with no issues and I believe that to be because of this food source.

If you want the above food to sink mix in 1/4 cup of any fish food that is a sinking pellet and if you want it to float add same floating type pellets

Let me know how you make out



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Wow, good stuff! Looks like good times, I love fish and hope we can help maintain them healthy and happy. Thanks for this wonderful information.


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This is cool. I like that it can be modified for floating/sinking.

Thanks for the info. I'm sure my fish will feel more pride in knowing that this recipe is fed to the BK Aquarium fish :)
They already have big heads!


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Anytime my friends, if I had more fish I would be making it again. This is perfect for thouse that have lots of fish as it cuts down on expenses. Richie should use this to feed is large 60 + fish. The only proem is the fish will excelrate in growth at a much faster rate.

Cya guys soon