the cheapest live rock i've found


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Just got some really nice Fiji from E-bay - Life Oceanic. Was $2.19 a pound plus shipping which for me came out about the same ($2.90/lb) It was already cured and I got it the next day. Nice shapes and colors and no rubble.


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cheapest live rock ive found. buy base rock from the LFS.
drip kalkwasser. wait 3 months. grab a teaspoon of live sand from your buddies tank. all my rock is live and turning purple. theres mini sponges and feather dusters everywhere in my tank.


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That's with shipping, but if you get 60lbs of the Caribbean Live Rock at Etropicals it ends up being the same price...about $3.64/lb. Marinedepotlive says it's a 44lbs box not 55 though...if it is in fact 55 then Marinedepotlive would be cheaper.