The "new" 75 gallon reef!


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As some of you know, before the 200, there was a 75. Well, now, there's another 75! We recently adopted a 75 gallon reef tank, completely set up, that the owners just were no longer able to care for. Last weekend, we drove to Moses Lake, to tear down the tank, transported it home, with all the livestock in our 100 gallon stock tank, and parked it for the night. I strung an extension cord, plugged in a heater and power head and let it keep the inside of the Suburban warm and humid!

The next day, over about a 12 hour period, I tore down our 40 frag tank and Angie's Nano. Our neighbor, and fellow reefer, Henry and my daughter's boyfriend, Dylan, helped with the heavy lifting, as we moved the 75 into the house. The 75 replaced the 40 frag tank and Angie's nano has been replaced, with a 40 breeder.

The 75 included:
lots of healthy live rock
a few distressed SPS corals
a huge frogspawn
some Zoanthids
3 Maxi-Mini Anemones
2 clams
a beautiful Rainbow Scoly, which will go to Henry, for all of his help!
tons of Xenia GRRR (want some?)
and a lot of Aiptasia.

Fish include:
Beautiful Male Mandarin
Female Leopard Wrasse
Majestic FoxFace
Orange Shoulder Tang, which needs to be caught and removed.
A pair of A. percula clown fish

Equipement includes:

75 Reef Ready, with center overflow.
Marineland Prolight 2X150MH with 4X54 T5HO and LED Moonlighting
Large Sump/Refugium
External return pump
SWC Skimmer
Various power heads

While setting the tank back up, I didn't do a lot of aquascaping, as I was more concerned with getting the tank set up, filled and getting the livestock in it. Over the next week or two, I'll do some aquascaping changes, weed out the Xenia, remove the Tang and figure out what I'm going to do with the Aiptasia.

I'll get some pictures posted, soon.