The right lighting combo


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Finally, after trying to save energy, buying new ballasts, halide bulbs, I am finally happy with the color.

I used to run 250 watt radiums and love the colors but it lacks the par that I want, so I went to 175 watt iwasaki 15k but the color is too yellow and too much par. Thanksfully I was able to switch my lumatek down to 150 watt mode and the color is less yellow but still too yellowish for my taste even with two VHO actinics supplement. The other night I added another T5 blue plus and voila, the color is perfect. This bulb combination give me the par that I want and the color that I like but uses less wattage.

Grant W

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Glad to hear you have your lighting dialed in. I have been having the same thought re the Iwasakis and am probably going to go back to the Ushio 14ks I had going before.


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I know you plan on moving so it doesn't make sense to for you to go solar

Grant you should check out the solar lease. I'm coming up on a year in August and it's saving almost $200 a month