the right way to move to bigger tank?


need a little insight on whats the best way to move my 20 lbs of rock and 30 frags (each glued to its own little rock/plug) from my 22 gallon to a 53 gallon. the 22 gallon has been set up for 8 months.

not sure if ill need more live rock. if i do i am going to try to buy the same stuff from the lfs display, if they'll let me. if not then buy rock and i have to let it cure?

if no rock needed then move my 20 pounds first, leave frags in 22 gallon. let things settle down, test parameters, then move frags over? i use natural sea water, how much water do i bring over if any...

im sure theres a simple method practiced around here...


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If you can get away with not buying more rock, you can move everything over in one swoop. I would bag all the corals individually and float them in the tank which you get the rocks setup.

If you have to get more rock, you can cure it first. If it's already cured you should be fine moving it all at once with your existing rock. Again, I would keep everything bagged for a few hours while everything returns to normal. Probably wouldn't hurt to keep the light off for that day too.

When you're moving the rocks, you could setup a couple vats of saltwater to swish the detritus out of.

What tank/light are you getting? :nosy: :rollface:



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You may consider moving a fair amount of the water from the 20g to the 55g when you are ready to move the corals, this will lead to less water shock issues. If you are adding more rock stick it in the new tank and let the cycle get over with, then add the corals as they are attached to the old rocks. If you prefer to re-mount the corals in new places, my preference, pop them off and acclimate them to the new tank and place in new spots after cycling new rock that you picked out. I would pick and choose which rocks you like the best from the 22g and bring over to the new tank with the corals. Using the same water from your 22g will really help the acclimation process.


ok that sounds like a good enough plan. ill just move it all over at once...everythings on a plug, so they can sit on the bottom of the 22 while i work on the rock in the 53. i only have frags at this point, nothing grown out.

joe. its going to be an elos with the suncolor fixture. thanks for helping me out.