The wait is finally over, or is it?


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So finally after months of lurking and reading these forums, scouting websites, and window shopping at my LFS I finally took the plunge and set up my first marine tank. It's a 55g and surprisingly the rock work was a lot harder than I thought haha. Anyway I look forward to asking everyone lots of questions and sharing my tank as it grows!

Day 3 of cycle:
Salinity 1.023
Ph 8.2
dKh 8
Cal 420ppm
Phos <.025
Nitrite has shown up 0 nitrate

Thinking of softies a few hardy LPS. Not sure on livestock yet but I want to keep it small maybe an Oc clownfish pair, purple firefish, Midas blenny and eventually if I can get a good pod population in my sump a mandarin. Thoughts?

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Just waiting on your post being "released" by the moderators because you have a low post count and probably included pictures/links in your post..

So the wait isn't over yet :lolspin:


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Haha oh I see. I accidentally posted again thinking it didn't go through. Just started cycling so the wait goes on anyway :)