Things For Sale (Apex Items, Cleaning, Grabbers, Frag Plugs, ETC)


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VDM unit with USB cable and adapter for 2 Tunze Pumps - $65

ATK system this also includes 2 extra Optical sensors. I had this setup so there was one extra sensor in the sump so it wouldnt overflow i know the ATK has the one sensor and the float but i wanted to be extra secure. Then I used the second sensor in the water rodi tank so if it got too low it would turn off the ATK. - $175

I have some cages i was using when introducing fish. There are all different sizes you just use a mag magnet on the inside and outside of the tank and it will hold these boxes up no problem - $20

I have a bucket and Tote fill of almost everything you can image. From scrappers, to grabbers long and short, glove, extra heats i think ther are about 5 in there 400watts, random tubing, there are about 150-400 frag plugs, auto fish feeders, pumps, pump parts, F-Aiptasia, Refractometer along with fluid to calibrate, and this tang seaweed holder. some food, Oh there is also a top down fish tank camera port hold by avast marine i think it is - $25

Tiger Shark Float Plus - Algae Free plus additional parts - $60

I also have a 265 reef tank : 84” long X 30” tall X 24” wide ready to be picked up today. - $900

and I have a 75 Gal sump with baffles in it. ready to be picked up-$75

I think that's it, if I missed anything ill create another post. If you have any questions please let me know.

Located in North Olmsted
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Tote is gone

I still have the heaters, tiger scrapper, Scrappers, ATK, and VDM still available. Would be willing to toss the rest of the items in with the tank and sump :)


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Why are you taking everything down?

Hey Alex! Getting into a different hobby actually have a couple too many hobbies so one had to go. Fish tank was the unlucky winner.

Ill probably be back one day but for now just taking a well needed break